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Vineyard Sources

The grapes that go into every bottle of Identity Wine Co. wines are meticulously and lovingly grown by dedicated family growers all throughout Northern California. It is very important to me to meet the growers in person and walk the vineyards with them in order to build fruitful relationships as well as make a tangible connection with the land. I look for and consider many things when I decide to source from a vineyard, but ultimately it just has to feel right. These unique and special vineyards below are where each bottle of Identity Wine Co's story begins...

Truchard Estate Vineyard
Carneros - Napa Valley

The first parcel of what would go on to become the 150+ acre Truchard Estate in Napa's Carneros AVA was purchased by Tony and JoAn Truchard in the early 1970's. This vineyard site will forever be special to me as it was where I began my journey as a winemaker in 2018. The Truchard family took me in as their own, treated me with genuine kindness and bestowed upon me a wealth of harvest experience and knowledge. It was from this very vineyard block overlooking their estate reservoir lake that I sourced the Merlot that became my 2018 "First Pick" Merlot.

Wines made from Truchard Estate fruit:

2018 "First Pick" Merlot

2018 "The Squire" Tempranillo

2020 "El Caballero Tempranillo


Vine View Ranch Vineyard
Yorkville Highlands - Mendocino County

Vine View Ranch sits high above the fog line at 1,500 feet elevation in the Yorkville Highlands AVA of Mendocino County. The vineyard is owned by Hans and Courtney Lee and is planted to Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon. This vineyard boasts one of the most breathtaking views I've ever experienced and I absolutely love walking through this vineyard as it features some complex soil and terroir to stop and analyze, like fine compacted clay as well as chunks of volcanic granite. I am drawn to the small compact clusters of berries of this Cabernet sauvignon that produces concentrated and dark red wine with bold tannin structure each year.

Wine made from Vine View Ranch Vineyard fruit:

2020 "El Magnate" Cabernet Sauvignon

"First Pick" Vineyard
Oak Knoll District - Napa Valley

This vineyard is just under half an acre and is planted exclusively to Cabernet Sauvignon. The private residence is located in Napa's Oak Knoll District. I was lucky enough to be allowed to pick from this vineyard during my first official harvest of the 2018 vintage. Every year since, my family flies in to help me and my friends hand pick this vineyard in the early morning hours of late October. 

Wine made from "First Pick Vineyard" fruit:

2018 "First Pick" Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 "First Pick" Cabernet Sauvignon


La Mesa Estate Vineyard
Shenandoah Valley, Amador County

La Mesa is an Estate that sits atop a steep hillside at 2,000 feet altitude in volcanic granite rich soils in the Shenandoah Valley of the Sierra Foothills. It is dry farmed and was grafted on special drought tolerant rootstock which allows the vines to dig deep in the soil and find their own water source. It is planted to 9 different Rhône and Italian varietals that thrive in the warm daytime breezes from the Central Valley and cool Sierra evenings. This vineyard experiences a 30 degree swing in temperature on a daily basis, providing a climate similar to that of Northern Rhône.

Wines made from La Mesa Vineyard fruit:

2022 "The Outsider" Viognier

2023 "The Outsider" Viognier (to be released)

2023 Roussanne (to be released)

2023 Skin Contact Viognier (to be released)

Collina De Bella Vineyard
Winters, Yolo County

COLLINA DE BELLA, or "beautiful hill", is draped with vintage Syrah and Tannat grapevines. It overlooks Pleasants Valley and the Vaca Mountains to the West and the Central Valley and Sierra Mountains to the East. A few lucky horses reside in the stables at the foot of the hill and romp in the adjacent meadow. This vineyard is the re-awakening of the England-Shaw family vineyard, which was originally planted in the late 1880s. It entered under new ownership when Marie Burns and her Husband Ned Pugh purchased it in 2020. The hill is draped with 12 acres of Syrah, including rootstock planted in the 1980s from the Lillie Langtree vineyard, and 5 acres of Tannat planted in 2001. The fruit from this vineyard has borne the highly regarded wines of Rosenblum, Orin Swift and Turkovich in years passed. In early 2021, I met with Marie and walked the vineyards with her and her dog. I knew I had to source from this vineyard in order to add my footsteps on such a historic vineyard.

Wines made from Collina De Bella fruit:

2021 "Je Ne Sais Quoi" Blanc De Tannat Petilant Naturel

2021 "T.S.M" Petillant Naturel

2021 "V1 Rotate" Syrah


Green Valley Vineyard
Green Valley - Suisun, Solano County

This vineyard is an absolute gem! Featuring some unique and rare varietals. It is planted to 9 acres of French Colombard, 8 acres of Chenin Blanc, 4 acres of Valdiguie and 4 acres of Zinfandel. Suisun valley is immediately just east of the Vaca Mountain Range that separates Solano County from Napa County. This region enjoys much of the same climate and similar terroir as Napa Valley and most importantly, the fruit sourced here is of very high quality, yet available at a fraction of the price of Napa fruit. Making it a no brainer for bargain hunting winemakers like myself.


Wines made with Green Valley Vineyard fruit:


2020 "Flamboyance" Valdiguie Petillant Naturel

2021 "Flamboyance" Valdiguie Petillant Naturel 

McIntosh Vineyard
Granite Bay, Placer County

This beautiful private estate vineyard is owned by Fred McIntosh. It is planted exclusively to Cabernet Franc and boasts well draining clay and decomposed granite soils. Fred lives on the property in a beautiful modern farmhouse that he recently renovated. The Cabernet Franc that I get from this vineyard each year never ceases to amaze me, bright notes of green pepper and baking spice with dark cherry and great acidity and minerality. 

Wines made with McIntosh Vineyard fruit:

2020 "Identity Crisis" Red blend

2020 "Cheval Rebel" Cabernet Franc - coming soon

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